Super-Trete 115 Matte

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Super-Trete 115 Matte
115 Spec
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Super-Trete 115 Matte Sealer

Super-Trete 115 is a medium solids water-based acrylic sealer with the same sealing properties as Super-Trete 110 but offering a matte finish. Super-Trete 115 maintains a natural look and provides a more uniform surface appearance to sealed concrete. Super-Trete 115 upon application will have temporary ‘white when wet’ color where freshly applied to prevent over application and quickly dries clear (no color/staining will be left on concrete from Super-Trete 115 when it dries). Super-Trete 115 is available packaged in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, & 275-gallon totes. Application instructions, surface preparation, & handling properties can be found in the 115 specs PDF. Please contact a Fister Inc representative for pricing & technical questions.