Insulated Panel Cap

  • Save Time and Money! – Victory Bear IPC eliminates the need for expensive sealing tape around panel edges and window and door openings.
  • Excellent Protection – IPC is made of durable, rigid PVC, providing maximum protection against moisture penetration.
  • Easy Installation – IPC simply attaches to the side rail prior to the pour.
  • Panel Storage – With IPC installed, panels can be stored outdoors and stay protected from the elements until ready for installation.

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Insulated Panel Cap

Let Victory Bear help you protect your insulated concrete panels!

When left unprotected, insulation and cavity are vulnerable to moisture penetration. Victory Bear’s Insulated Panel Cap provides valuable protection with minimal effort.

IPC’s holes allow it to anchor securely into the concrete. IPC protects the insulation board and adjacent wythes from moisture.

Victory Bear’s Insulated Panel Cap was designed to help protect the insulation and cavity in sandwich panels from the possibility of moisture penetration.