Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra

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Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra

An environmentally safe for freight version of the original Crete-Lease 880. Crete-lease 880-VOC-Xtra is a solventless non-toxic release agent comprised of a blend of neutralized vegetable oils in mineral oil free of waxes, silicone, & carcinogens. Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra meets Federal, Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) Member States, & California’s VOC level regulations without sacrificing performance as a release agent for high quality architectural concrete. Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra is available packaged in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, & 275-gallon totes. Surface preparation, Application instructions, & handling properties of the Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra can be found in the 880-VOC-Xtra specs PDF. Please contact a Fister Inc representative for pricing & technical questions.