Armorgard 505

  • Extremely Tough Surface
  • BGE Free
  • Single Coat Application
  • VOC Free
  • Adhesion to Wood, Concrete, & Steel
  • Bonds to Damp Forms

Armorgard 505

Armorgard 505 is a 100% solids, self-leveling, primerless, odorless epoxy form coating for precast, tilt-up, slip form, & cast-in-place applications. Armorgard 505 is formulated to provide a hard, tough coating for wood, concrete, & metal concrete forms. Use of Armorgard 505 transforms a “rough” form into a hard smooth surface ideal for creating consistent ‘architectural’ quality casts over multiple pours.

Armorgard 505 has a simple 2 to 1 mix ratio while also providing a convenient work life, rapid tack free time, & adhesion to damp surfaces. Armorgard 505 was designed from conception to be the ideal form coating.

Armorgard 505 can be easily applied with a roller or squeegee. Recommended application thickness is 15 to 30 mil (0.38-0.76mm). Application can vary depending on the porosity & roughness of the surface being coated. Applied to horizontal surfaces, maximum application thickness is 1/8” (125 mil or 0.3cm). Armorgard 505 is conveniently packaged in pre-measured 4 gallon kits or bulk 15 gallon & 165 gallon kits. Armorgard 505 is also available dyed Red or White which serves as a wear indicator for the coating. Dyes are only available for select kit sizes.

Surface preparation, application instructions, & handling properties of Armorgard 505 can be found in the Specs PDF. Please contact a Fister Inc representative for technical questions & pricing.