Armorgard Repair Kits & Accessories

Armorgard K-315 Repair Kit

Armorgard K-315 repair kits are a fast, easy, & economical way to repair nail holes as well as damage to Armorgard coatings. Armorgard K-315 is suitable for repairing all Armorgard brand form coatings. The K-315 repair is a two part epoxy compound with an easy 1 to 1 mix ratio designed to cure quickly with minimal down time of the form. Armorgard K-315 repair is available in pre-measured 3.2 ounce dual cartridges or a bulk 2 gallon kit.

Armorgard K-315 repair pre-measured dual cartridges require a repair gun & static nozzle for application. To apply screw-on a static nozzle to the cartridge & load into the repair gun; point the nozzle to the damaged area & press the trigger to fill. Application using the repair cartridge can be carried out in a similar fashion as laying down a bead of caulk. 2 gallon kits need to have both parts mixed by hand in a 1 to 1 ratio & applied to the damaged area using a trowel or putty knife. Only mix the amount needed to repair the damage area from 2 gallon kits, any excess mixed material can not be reused at a later time.

Armorgard K-315 repair will cure in 15 to 20 minutes after applying in a temperature of 70°F (21°C), once cured, lightly sand any overfill of the repair to be flush with the surrounding coating. Cure & working times will vary depending on temperature, warmer temperatures provide less working & faster cure times with the converse being true for colder temperatures.

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Repair Gun & Static Nozzle

Armorgard K-315 3.2 ounce dual cartridge repair kits require both the repair gun & static nozzle to use. Repair guns are reusable & do not require cleaning between applications. Static nozzles screw onto the dual cartridge repair kits & are 5-1/4” long. Tips of the static nozzles come pre-cut for the most efficient/economical dispensing of the repair compound but are able to be cut to allow for laying larger beads of the repair compound. The static nozzles are single use, a nozzle cannot be reused after application nor can a single nozzle be used with more than one dual cartridge repair kit.

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Aluminum Rollers for Armorgard Application

Aluminum grooved rollers are best suited & the recommended application tool for all Armorgard branded form coatings. Aluminum Rollers are available in 3 pitches & 2 sizes. Aluminum rollers are reusable if the epoxy is cleaned off the roller immediately after application. Cleaning can be done using a power washer, hot soapy water, Copps Enviro Kleen, Acetone, or Isopropyl Alcohol; continue to wash the roller until all of the epoxy is no longer visible on the roller or in the grooves of the roller. The table below will help with determining the recommended roller pitch & size for each Armorgard coating.

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Roller Width Pitch Recommended For Part Number
9” 9 Armorgard Steel Coat 522A200900
18” 9 Armorgard Steel Coat 524AP2001800
9” 12 Armorgard 505, 505LT, 541, & 541FST 522A2009012
18” 12 Armorgard 505, 505LT, 541, & 541FST 524AP2001812
9” 15 Armorgard 505, 505LT, 541, & 541FST 522A2009015
18” 15 Armorgard 505, 505LT, 541, & 541FST 524AP2001815