Armorgard 541

  • Solvent Free & Zero VOC
  • Extremely Tough, Non Brittle Surface
  • Single Coat Application
  • Seals Hotwire Cut Foam Patterns
  • Low Heat on Cure
  • Does Not Distort Mold Shape

Armorgard 541

Armorgard 541 is a 100% solids, thixotropic, primerless, odorless, epoxy coating for foam patterns and molds used in precast concrete applications. Armorgard 541 is formulated to provide a hard tough coating for EPS foam and Styrofoam without using hazardous, foam damaging, solvents. Armorgard 541 is able to coat horizonal, vertical, & rounded (radius) foam surfaces. Use of Armorard 541 transforms a ‘rough’ foam surface into a hard, durable, & sandable surface, providing consistent ‘architectural’ quality casts over multiple pours.

Armorgard 541 has a 5 to 1 mix ratio and provides a convenient work life. Armorgard 541 was designed from conception to be the ideal foam coating.

Armorgard 541 can be easily applied with a roller or brush. Recommended application thickness is 15 to 30 mil (0.38-0.76mm). Application can vary depending on the porosity & roughness of the surface being coated. Maximum application thickness is 1/8” (125 mil or 0.3cm). Armorgard 541 is conveniently packaged in pre-measured 4 gallon kits with bulk kit sizes available upon request. Armorgard 541 is dyed light blue in all kit sizes to provide an easy visual check for application thickness as well as to serve as a wear indicator for the coating.

Surface preparation, application instructions, & handling properties of Armorgard 541 can be found in the Specs PDF. Please contact a Fister Inc representative for technical questions & pricing.